Training and Competencies



IsoVision’s Training & Competency Management software offers a complete solution for the integrated management of training and competency maintenance within organizations. This module enables managers to ensure that tasks are assigned to employees with the skills required to perform them safely and appropriately.

With this module, it is possible to identify, plan and organize the training needed to meet job requirements, and to manage skills that are missing or in need of renewal. It also enables you to manage suppliers, such as certification renewals, permits, etc. A key aspect of the Training & Competencies module is that it allows you to manage the training of new employees by establishing Competency Path. It also facilitates the work of supervisors, who can consult the skills matrix and the job matrix, two effective tools for staying in control.

In short, IsoVision Training & Competency Software offers a complete, integrated solution. It promotes employee professional development, supports continuous improvement and ensures regulatory compliance.


IsoVision’s Training & Competency Management software offers a comprehensive range of functions to facilitate training management and competency development for employees and external service providers (suppliers, contractors).

This module enables training activities to be strategically planned, efficiently organized, rigorously monitored and optimized, guaranteeing optimum employee performance and compliance.

 It is an essential tool for strengthening team skills and supporting organizational growth.

List of features:

  • Dynamic, real-time integration between employees, positions, skills and training
  • Skills path for each employee
  • Set-up of regular and distance training sessions
  • Management of results, costs and certifications
  • Job and skills matrices in real time
  • Rapid identification of skills gaps and skills in need of renewal
  • Coaching management
  • Real-time information available in the Dashboard
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and compliance reports (Bill 90, etc.)
  • Integration with other modules, including Document Management and Knowledge Management, to facilitate access to controlled documents, know-how and best practices within organizations


  • Structure training programs and the Skills Path for employees
  • Real-time identification of skills gaps and skills in need of renewal among employees and external partners
  • Position Matrix and Competency Matrix
  • Skills management following document updates
  • Maintain supplier compliance
  • Reduce costs associated with searching for information or using out-of-date information
  • Customize screens according to your processes and terminology
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules, enabling additional functionalities to be added
  • Integration with other existing software (ERP, MRP, HR, etc.)
  • Elimination of silos created by the use of Word and Excel files that are not interconnected with other systems
  • Sending automatic e-mails and reminders encourages communication and responsiveness to deadlines.
  • Real-time tracking via dashboard
  • Ensures compliance with standards
  • Reports and performance indicators
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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