Does IsoVision apply to my sector of activity?


IsoVision is currently used in more than 20 different sectors of activity, primary, secondary and tertiary (production and services).

This is possible because IsoVision offers universal processes that you can adapt and customize quickly and easily with the customization tool built into the software.

The customization is done in a few hours and requires no knowledge or computer skills.

This makes it possible to adapt IsoVision to your way of doing things, to your needs and to the terminology specific to your organization and your sector of activity.

Is IsoVision easy to use?


IsoVision is a very simple system to use, even for people less skilled with computers.

All email communications contain a shortcut that allows the recipient to directly access the right place (task, action, document, report, etc.) with one click.

All forms and reports can be customized to fit your terminology and ease the transition.

Desktop shortcuts can be created to access your favorite items with one click.

Dashboards, personalized by user, offers quick and easy access and a summary view of the results and tasks to be done. They greatly facilitate the IsoVision experience.

IsoVision is user friendly, this results in a rapid appropriation of the system thus favoring the success of your implementation project.

Can we buy a single module or a few modules?


The IsoVision system consists of several integrated modules that can be purchased separately or in bulk.

Each module is fully autonomous without constraint or loss of functionality.

However, bulk purchase of all modules entitles you to a substantial discount and allows you to take advantage of additional benefits from integration.

Is the system flexible and customizable?


By default, the system offers a series of forms and reports already structured, operational, ready to use from the start.

However, at any time, you can customize IsoVision quickly and easily.

All screens and reports are customizable without programming thanks to the customization tool built into the software.

You can rename fields, make certain fields mandatory, remove unnecessary fields, change appearance or layout, customize drop-down lists, and more.

In addition to the many reports included in the software, IsoVision offers an additional custom reporting service tailored to your needs.

Can IsoVision communicate with other systems already in place in my organization (e.g. MRP, ERP, HR, etc.)?


Several modules, interfaces (“API”) and web services are available and allow IsoVision to exchange information with your existing systems.

This eliminates double entry, speeds up your processes and eliminates errors and omissions.

In addition to the standard APIs and web services available and ready to use, IsoVision can develop additional custom tools to meet your needs.

IsoVision also includes direct access to the database via ODBC for your integration extraction, additional reporting and other needs.

Is IsoVision installed on my server or in the Cloud?

IsoVision can be installed on your servers or in the cloud according to your preference.

Both configurations are available.

Is IsoVision software and services available in multiple languages?


IsoVision software is available in French, English and Spanish. We also offer training and support services in French and English.

The support is unlimited.

How long does it take to implement IsoVision?

The strategy and implementation time depend on the selected modules and your deadlines. The implementation can be done module by module according to your pace and your availability. 

IsoVision is an easy and quick system to implement.

First, there is no programming or computer development to do. By default, the system offers a series of forms and reports already structured, operational, ready to use from the start, that you can customize at any time through the personalization tool built into the software.

Each module includes and requires on average between 0.5 and 2 days of training for the systems pilot (s). Then, the configuration and customization of each module are done in a few hours.

When necessary, we can mass-upload your information to speed up your project and reduce your efforts. All that remains is to train the end users.

An expert advisor is assigned to your file for training and support. In addition, unlimited phone access to your advisor is included to help you, support you and ensure the success of your project.      

Is there training included in the purchase of the IsoVision system?


Each module includes and requires on average between 0.5 and 2 days of training for the pilot (s) of the system.

Aside from the first training that is given on site, the remaining training can be given on site or remotely depending on your preference.

Can my data be transfered to IsoVision?


IsoVision has all the necessary tools to transfer your information into IsoVision.

 A preliminary analysis is done and then a quote is presented to you.

Is it possible to control the access to different screens and reports in the software?


IsoVision contains an access management module that gives system administrators absolute control of access and rights (read, modify, add, delete, etc.) for each screen and report.

For organizations with multiple sites, it is possible to set different rights from one site to another for the same user or group of users.

IsoVision is really designed to facilitate and promote the participation and autonomy of users in complete safety.

Use IsoVision or the Quality module of an ERP?

First of all, be aware that 95% of our customers have an ERP and yet use IsoVision. Why do they use IsoVision while their ERP offers a Quality module?

Because IsoVision offers solutions and a system far superior and more advanced than the quality management tools offered by ERP.

Why Because it’s our first mission!

Quality management is not the primary mission of EPRs. ERPs invest 98% of their improvement budget in other more critical areas of their products: finance, human resources, payroll, inventories, cost, scheduling, production, purchasing, sales, orders, receptions, deliveries, etc.

This is why the tools proposed by the ERP in terms of quality management are very basic and generally insufficient.

When you use the Quality module of an ERP, you choose a solution for which you will be less than adequately served in terms of the available functionalities, the expertise of your supplier in quality management as well as at the level of the developments future product.

As far as progressing, taking steps forward and invest time, do not settle for the quality solutions provided by ERP and choose IsoVision.