Project management

Plan your successes


The Planning module is a modern, efficient and effective tool for the integrated management of a company’s quality objectives, targets, communication programs, projects and associated action plans.

It is understood that good planning improves the chances of success on time-bound initiatives. The Planning module allows you to clearly establish your objectives and expected results, to assign the right resources, to evaluate the expected and actual costs, to set up action plans and to ensure a close follow-up on all expected deadlines.


​Whether you are certified or not, the Planning module will allow you to create, implement and monitor all your objectives and targets. Because of its great flexibility, it can allow you to manage all types of projects and action plans (risk reduction and control measures, continuous improvement, Kaizen, 5S, product development, implementation of a new service, change management, research and development, problem resolution, etc.). Then, using the dashboard and reports (graphic curves, progress reports, Gantt diagram), you can follow the progress of your projects in real time.

List of features:

  • Integrated management of objectives, targets, legal requirements, projects, action plans, preventive actions and communication programs
  • Structured, customizable, multi-site, multi-standards
  • Management of calendars and alerts
  • Critical path concept in projects
  • Integrated with the nonconformities module to manage issues, incidents and improvement opportunities in a project
  • Real-time tracking in the dashboard
  • Update a project status or action from a phone
  • E-mails, automatic reminders, escalations in case of delay


  • Centralization of management and follow-ups in action plans
  • Eliminate silos caused by Word Files and Excel spreadsheets
  • Real-time visualization of projects and actions progress
  • Easy identification of delays and cost overruns
  • Increase collaboration by allowing people in charge of actions to view and update their own actions in a project
  • On-the-go updates on the status of a project or an action
  • Eliminate oversights and delays
  • Integration with the nonconformities
  • Complete and very easy to use project manager
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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