Knowledge Management



The Knowledge Management module provides a collaborative space for efficiently gathering and consolidating an organization’s critical information. At this time, around 80% of knowledge within organizations remains undocumented, representing a major risk, particularly with upcoming retirements.

This Knowledge Management module accelerates the gathering of knowledge by calling on the best employees, storing and classifying the information gathered, managing content, sharing knowledge and disseminating corporate know-how. Thanks to a “social networking” interface, organizations can offer a gallery of videos and tutorials for long-term preservation. Employees are encouraged to share their expertise, fostering a culture of sharing and knowledge retention.

Rapid access to information facilitates problem-solving, decision-making and organizational learning. In short, this module offers a comprehensive platform for capitalizing on in-house expertise and ensuring optimal knowledge management.


Provide your employees with a modern tool for creating a collaborative space, publishing and searching for value-added content. The Knowledge Management module is an intuitive tool inspired by the latest information and video management technologies.

Capture, distribute and preserve the wealth of expertise of your best employees, your know-how and your best business practices.

List of features:

  • Efficient, simple and modern tool for presenting and disseminating all your organization’s know-how
  • Streaming video consultation for greater speed
  • Integration of social media elements to ensure easy appropriation by employees
  • Disseminate and share information with new employees
  • Comment area for sharing opinions and opportunities for improvement
  • Reading confirmations
  • Use of QR codes to facilitate access to information


  • Efficient, simple and modern tool for document and video storage, control and distribution
  • Streaming video consultation for greater speed
  • Accelerated backup of an organization’s know-how
  • Promotes the sharing of instructions and best practices
  • Facilitates mentoring of new employees
  • Integration of social media elements to ensure broader appropriation
  • Use of QR codes to facilitate access to information
  • Promotes collaboration and continuous improvement of procedures and documents
  • Integration with other QHSE IsoVision modules, such as Document Management and Training & Competencies, enabling additional functionalities to be added
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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