Knowledge Management



The Knowledge Management module is the efficient storage place to gather in video formats, all the information relevant to the proper functioning of an organization. The facts are that in America and Europe, it is estimated that about 80% of knowledge (an organization’s knowledge) is still not written. In a context where there are many retirements announced for the coming years, this poses a certain risk for organizations.

This collaborative space is used precisely to collect the critical information of an organization (the Knowledge and Know-How of experienced employees) and to gather it in video formats. With a “Social Network” view, organizations will benefit from a modern tool to make their video gallery and tutorials available and saved over time.


Provide your employees with a modern tool for creating, publishing and searching for added-value content. With its simple and intuitive interface, it is inspired directly by the latest video management technologies. This way, your experienced employees will be able to preserve all the wealth of their knowledge by creating short specialized videos. By replicating the departments and the production equipment, these videos will become reference documents for your procedures such as maintenance work, lockout methods, confined space management, etc.

List of features:

  • Efficient, simple and modern tool for video creation, storage, access control and sharing
  • Video streaming for faster video loading
  • Integration of social media elements to ensure ownership, appropriation and sharing of knowledge by the members of an organization
  • Comments and shares
  • Viewed videos confirmation
  • Use of QR codes to facilitate information access


  • Efficient, simple and modern tool for video creation, storage, controlled access and best practices sharing
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Perpetuation of knowledge and collective memory
  • Reduced risk following an employee’s departure
  • Increased employees’ security and productivity
  • Instant and simplified access via QR codes
  • Integration with the Document Management, Training & Competencies and E-Learning modules
  • Better guidance on continuous training for new employees
  • Competency acquisition pathways to train and coach the next generation of employees in the targeted positions
  • Video streaming for faster video loading
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