e-Learning software is an efficient tool for creating online training courses and running training programs. It enables easy tracking of skills that are up to date, missing or in need of renewal, progress monitoring and performance evaluation for employees, as well as for external service providers (suppliers, contractors).

The IsoVision e-Learning platform supports distance learning, enabling employees, suppliers and contractors to keep their skills up to date. Registration and training can be carried out easily from a computer, tablet or phone.

By using a modern, easy-to-use system, organizations achieve significant gains in cost reduction, efficiency and staff retention.


This e-learning module helps to ensure that employees and external service providers (suppliers and contractors) are properly trained and qualified for the responsibilities they have to assume for the positions they occupy. It can also be used to measure the level of understanding of a document once it has changed version in the Document Management module.

By following their own Competency Path, employees can easily access their bank of available training courses, from which they can register, take a course and complete an exam when required.

List of features:

  • Fast, structured assembly of online training courses
  • Reuse of your existing training material in its original format (documents and video clips)
  • Online exams
  • Validation of understanding following a change in an important document (linked with the Document Management module)
  • One-stop shop for self-registration and self-training
  • Skills path by employee
  • Automatic update of missing skills or skills to be renewed
  • Automated calculation of hours and costs
  • Transmission of registrations and results to relevant managers
  • Renewal of certifications with suppliers and contractors
  • Numerous reports available and customized reports


  • Rapid identification of missing skills and skills in need of renewal (skills matrix, job matrix)
  • Constant updating of employees’ “know-how“
  • Helps highlight learning opportunities (Skills Path)
  • Maintain supplier skills and compliance
  • Complete traceability
  • Effective tool for validating employee understanding following a document version change
  • Reduced costs associated with unnecessary classroom attendance for skills renewal
  • Reduced costs associated with information retrieval
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules, enabling additional functionalities to be added
  • Integration with other existing software (ERP, MRP, HR, etc.)
  • Elimination of silos created by the use of Word and Excel files that are not interconnected with other systems
  • Sending automatic e-mails and reminders encourages communication and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Real-time tracking via dashboard
  • Ensures compliance with standards
  • Reports and performance indicators (KPI)
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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