Document Management

The company’s corporate memory

For : General management – human resources – employees – suppliers – customers.

<p><strong>Objectives :</strong> operational excellence, quality and continuous improvement, environment and sustainable development, health and safety, risk prevention.</p>


IsoVision’s Document Management software enables documents and forms to be filed, controlled and searched intuitively, while automating review, approval and distribution processes (“Workflow”). This module manages all types of documents and forms, controlling access so that users can only consult documents that are up-to-date and assigned to them.

Features include versioning, revision management, document lifecycle, full-text search, consultation history, modification traceability, archiving and time-stamping. Electronic

Document Management (EDM) is the ideal tool for making the right information available to the right people. The ability to read documents on the move (phone and tablet), and IsoVision’s unique “Unlimited Users” license, encourage wider use of documentation by employees, customers, suppliers and contractors.


The IsoVision Document Management (EDM) module facilitates the organization, access and control of documents and forms. EDM automates the process of checking, modifying, approving and distributing documents to employees and external partners. Forms are also supported for easy updating, access and archiving of completed forms.

List of features:

  • Structured management of documents and forms to be completed
  • Workflow to automate verification, approval, distribution and read confirmation processes
  • Version and lifecycle management of electronic and paper documents
  • Integration with the Training & Competencies module to track competencies with new versions
  • Dynamic document templates available
  • Import of existing documents as is (without re-editing or conversion)
  • Full-text search, even in PDF documents
  • Consultation history
  • Track changes from one version to the next
  • Archiving of old versions
  • Time stamping to ensure information integrity
  • Navigation by process diagram and QR codes
  • System compliant with ISO and other standards
  • Mobile document access (phones and tablets)
  • IsoVision license with unlimited number of users for sharing controlled versions (customers, suppliers, contractors)


  • Integrated management of documents, forms and videos
  • Mobile access to controlled versions (phone, tablet)Automated verification, approval, distribution and read confirmation workflows
  • Full-text and keyword search
  • Automatic identification of skills to be renewed (employees and suppliers)
  • Traceability of changes and usage history
  • Share controlled documents with customers, suppliers and contractors
  • Prevents accidental use of out-of-date or unapproved versions
  • Enables organizations to go paperless
  • Customize screens to suit your processes and terminology
  • Integration with other modules
  • Eliminate the silos created by using Word and Excel files that are not interconnected with other systems
  • Sends automatic e-mails and reminders, promoting communication and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Ensures compliance with standards
  • Reports and performance indicators
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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