Preventive-predictive maintenance



The Equipment Maintenance module is used to record and maintain a company’s entire equipment fleet. This module is used to identify, plan, assign and communicate maintenance, calibration and control tasks, with work orders and assignments in a management dashboard that facilitates follow-ups.

Used by metrologists, it supports calibration, preventive maintenance and inspection of measuring equipment, all meeting the requirements of standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and other standards in quality, environment, health and safety, sustainable development or other.

It offers the possibility to easily and efficiently set up calibrations due to the various functionalities such as: management of master standards, conservation conditions, certificates, establishment of measurement scales and tolerance levels, creation of standards sets, etc.

It allows the creation and integration of inspection, cleaning and verification checklists and complete maintenance routines. It also allows to generate non-conformities on all off-target calibration results.

Main Features

Your entire equipment fleet will now be managed from A to Z in a single software application where you will be able to see the complete record of an equipment and its history (usage, maintenance, loan, etc…).

With the simple management interface and the support of bar codes, you will be able to quickly and easily manage the inventory, status, assignments, breakdowns and all other events of the equipment’s life cycle.

No need to search for the manufacturer’s data sheets and technical documentation associated with the use and maintenance of each piece of equipment; add them as you go along in IsoVision and you will always have the information you need in one clic!

List of features:

  • Inventory and identification of the equipment
  • Status and location of the equipment
  • Management of equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Possibility to manage certification levels
  • Calendar of upcoming and overdue maintenance and calibration activities
  • Measurement scales, tolerances and sets of standards
  • Automatic reminders with escalation in case of delay
  • Handling for recalls, repairs, waivers, withdrawals, quarantine and non-conformities for defective equipment
  • Analysis of R&R and equipment accuracy
  • Statistical analysis of equipment accuracy
  • Bar code support
  • Management by optical scanner


  • Centralizes all the information and therefore, optimizes the information search
  • Provides an overview of your actions and those of your employees using the IsoVision dashboard
  • Prevention, reduction and quick identification of delays which ultimately minimizes the costs that would be generated
  • Promotes teamwork and accountability with the help of various follow-ups and automatic reminders
Eliminate oversights, delays and deadlines with the automatic reminders and the dashboard.

Ensures that maintenance, checks and calibrations are always performed on time.

Ensures that your measuring equipment are always compliant and thus, eliminates non-conformities.

Reduces the risk of using defective equipment and the consequences that could result from it.

Allows to detect unstable measuring equipment before it is too late.

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