Plan your successes


IsoVision’s Planning module offers a complete solution for creating, implementing and monitoring Quality objectives and targets. It enables efficient management of projects and associated action plans. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard and mobile application, tasks can be tracked and updated in real time.

The Planning module also supports risk prevention programs, communication programs, change management and ongoing task management.

Gain a complete overview of your continuous improvement efforts by coordinating projects, assigning responsibilities and tracking progress. Identify deviations and take corrective action in real time. In short, IsoVision’s Planning module optimizes the management of Quality projects and objectives, while promoting continuous improvement.


Thanks to its great flexibility and integration with other modules, the Planning module enables you to manage and track all types of projects, programs and action plans in real time (reduction measures, risk control, continuous improvement, Kaizen, 5S, product development, new service implementation, change management, research and development, problem solving, etc.).

Use the dashboard and reports (graphical curves, progress reports, Gantt charts) to share and track the progress of your quality targets and projects.

List of features:

  • Management of objectives, targets and legal requirements
  • Risk Prevention Programs management
  • Communication Programs
  • Project management (reduction and control measures, continuous improvement, Kaizen, 5S, change management)
  • Critical Path in projects to identify and optimize critical tasks and manage dependencies between different activities
  • Real-time and dashboard tracking
  • Structured, customizable, multi-site, multi-standard
  • Integration with other modules, enabling considerable added functionality (non-conformities, risk analysis, document management, etc.)


  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use project manager
  • Visualization of project and action progress
  • Easy identification of delays and cost overruns
  • Mobile project and action status updates
  • Reduce costs associated with searching for information or using out-of-date information
  • Customize screens according to your processes and terminology
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules, enabling additional functionalities to be added
  • Integration with other existing software (ERP, MRP, HR, etc.)
  • Elimination of silos created by the use of Word and Excel files that are not interconnected with other systems
  • Sending automatic e-mails and reminders encourages communication and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Real-time tracking via dashboard
  • Ensures compliance with standards
  • Reports and performance indicators
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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