Paperless meeting



The Performance Review module offers complete, paperless and real-time management of all the administrative tasks related to a performance review, a management meeting or any other management committee. Since many decisions and actions are implemented during these meetings, the real challenge is to initiate the implementation process and ensure rigorous follow-ups in order to meet the planned deadlines.

In addition to managing all the elements of an efficient and paperless meeting, the Performance Review module provides an accurate picture of an organization’s performance on its objectives, targets, projects, non-conformities, incidents, accidents, ongoing actions, performance indicator follow-ups, etc.


Provide your employees with a modern and efficient tool for creating, managing and following-up all meetings. The module supports meeting notices, time conflicts, attendance, agenda, note taking directly in the system, voting, minute taking, approval, distribution and read confirmations. From meeting to meeting, it will be possible to simply duplicate the agenda. Information, reports, projects and actions in progress will be available in real time during the next meeting.

List of features:

  • Invitations and attendance confirmations
  • Management of time conflicts
  • Easy editing of agendas
  • Duplicate agendas from one meeting to another
  • Note taking directly in the system
  • Support for comments, creation and management of projects, non-conformities and ongoing actions
  • Real-time view in all modules
  • Numerous reports and performance indicators
  • Automated drafting of minutes
  • Cycles (Workflows) for approval processes, distribution and reading confirmations on minutes


  • Efficient, simple and modern tool for integrated and paperless meeting management
  • Simplified management of paperless meeting and boards
  • Eliminate paper-based or non-integrated note-taking
  • Real-time view in all modules, reports and performance indicators
  • Enhanced action follow-ups and identification of delays on planned deadlines
  • Save time and effort in preparing meetings, taking meeting minutes and distributing them
  • One meeting management tool for your entire organization
  • Eliminate silos caused by Word files and Excel spreadsheets
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