Monitoring & Measurement

Monitor – Measure – Control


The Monitoring and Measurement module allows for various inspection and control activities to be carried out using a sampling principle (e.g. quality control, air, soil and water quality monitoring, industrial hygiene, equipment performance measurement, etc.), according to qualitative and quantitative assessments. Several parameters or values desired by the customer are introduced in this module.

Whatever the context and needs, it is possible to set up customized inspection and control forms using the desired variables. Whether it is through a manual entry of the results or a programmed and automated entry with other measuring equipment, it is possible to follow the results’ evolution in real time and to automatically generate a non-conformity when a value exceeds a predetermined target.


The module supports the complete implementation of monitoring activities and the recording of all types of measurement results : compliance with a given standard, availability rate, production rate, quality rate, overall efficiency rate (OER), Six Sigma control chart, laboratory measurement, miscellaneous rejects, industrial hygiene, etc. Off-target results are automatically transferred to the Non-conformities module for quick and structured take over.

List of features:

  • Customized electronic forms for manual or automated data entry of various variables (quality control, industrial hygiene, laboratory data, environmental data, equipment performance, etc.)
  • Mobile and offline data entry
  • Integration with your other software to automate information transfer and eliminate manual data entry (ERP, MRP, CRM, HR, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Automatic generation of non-conformities, alerts and e-mails when a parameter has exceeded its targets
  • Automated generation of actions based on scanned parameters
  • Real-time tracking of non-conformities and actions in the dashboard
  • Results analysis according to tolerances, specifications, targets, legal requirements or others
  • Complete reports, trend analysis graphical tools, certificates of analysis
  • Automatic reminders, escalations in case of delays on tasks


  • Eliminates silos created by softwares such as Word, Excel, Access
  • Eliminates manual reminders, oversights, delays and reduces your deadlines with automatic reminders and dashboards
  • Eliminates calculation and comparison errors when entering results
  • Ensures that out-of-specification results are reported and tracked quickly
  • Facilitates the search, consultation and analysis of results
  • Facilitates follow-ups, dissemination and sharing of results
  • Computerizes and integrates all control activities into a single system for all departments and sites
  • Provides quality, accurate, real-time and centralized information
  • Facilitates data retention and provides maximum traceability effortlessly
  • Allows to share non-conformities and improvement opportunities with employees and suppliers
  • No duplication, everything is in sync with existing softwares (ERP, MRP, CRM…)
  • Integrated management of information related to non-compliance, improvement opportunities and corrective and preventive actions
  • Real-time view on non-conformities, opportunities and associated actions via the dashboard
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