Management of contractors / subcontractors



The Supplier Management module is used to measure the suppliers’ performance and ensure their compliance with corporate and legal requirements. The measurement of products and delivered services is at the heart of this module, hence its integration with all IsoVision modules.

It is possible to manage the entire supplier file, including objectives, targets, improvement projects, risks, subcontractors’ employees skills, remote training on regulations and procedures, equipment, audits and inspections of the suppliers, evaluations, non-conformities and corrective and preventive actions related to their compliance and performance.


Whether you are certified or not, monitoring your suppliers’ performance is closely linked to your own, which is why it is advantageous to integrate all suppliers-related information into a single module and offer a real-time view to all concerned managers.

List of features:

  • Integration with your other software (ERP, MRP, CRM, HR…)
  • Complete supplier file with a status on products, services and employees
  • Request for qualification
  • Mobile inspections (phones, tablets)
  • Creation of all types of questionnaires and expected answers
  • Management of non-conformities, improvement opportunities, observations, corrective and preventive actions
  • Skills verification
  • Control of access to sites
  • Sharing of documentation via the Web Portal (documents to consult, forms to complete, requests for reading confirmations, updating of skills on a document)
  • In the dashboard, real-time monitoring of tasks to be done, updates and sharing of documentation, non-conformities, corrective and preventive actions
  • Complete reports, performance indicators
  • Automatic reminders, escalations in case of delays


  • Eliminates silos created by Word and Excel files
  • Traceability on all transactions in a supplier file
  • No duplication, everything is in sync with existing software (ERP, MRP, CRM)
  • Field inspections with photo and video captures
  • Integration with all IsoVision modules
  • Real time view on suppliers’ performance, upcoming activities, flagged non-conformities and opportunities, corrective and preventive actions to follow
  • Cost reduction associated with researching suppliers’ information and preparing and writing performance reviews
  • Risk reduction associated with using an outdated version of your documents
  • Risk reduction of ordering or using an unauthorized product
  • Risk reduction of letting a subcontractor with outdated skills into your organization
  • Structured, customizable, multi-sites, multi-standards
  • Automatic reminders, escalations in case of delays
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