Hazard identification and risk assessment



The Risk Analysis module takes an innovative approach to risk management and organization. Old Excel spreadsheets can be easily converted in a few minutes with intuitive features and simplified input.

Based on a risks bank or on manual entries, it is possible to create as many analyses as desired and to plan the actions to be taken, thanks to the links made with our other modules.

With all the tools in hand to make informed decisions and thanks to the identification and control of the elements that cause these risks, the user will be able to fully put in place the action plans. The various reports as well as the risk matrix (fully customizable) provide a quick and efficient view of the company’s health.


Regardless of the department you want to conduct your analyses for, you just need to create as many models as you want and define the number of axes and the gradation that will allow you to calculate the Risk Priority Number (RPN) score.

As in each of the IsoVision modules, you can customize the titles of the axes, the risk matrix, the option of including the gross and current risk, the estimated or measured residual risk and the choice of the elements to be inserted at the top of the analysis.

With the help of an intuitive tree structure, define the operating framework of your analyses and, with a single click, consult the status of all the analyses according to the predefined grouping.

Follow the progress of your actions directly in this module or, supported by other modules available in IsoVision, define projects, trainings, or meetings.

List of features:

  • Quick risk capture
  • Creation of risk models according to the company’s needs
  • Gradation of gross, current, estimated and measured residual risks
  • Actions’ implementation and follow-ups (link with other IsoVision modules)
  • Risk revision
  • Risk matrix


  • Efficient and structured management of the risk analyses in a system dedicated and configured to easily structure the information.
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules and their available functionalities for reminders and follow-ups of analyses from one period to another.
  • Quick and easy entry of risks and corrective and preventive actions
  • Provides time savings through rapid entry and process automation.
  • Eliminates silos caused by Word files and Excel spreadsheets
  • Real-time view of all ongoing corrective and preventive actions
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