Equipment Maintenance



Equipment Maintenance and Calibration software is a highly effective tool for recording and managing a company’s entire fleet of equipment. It offers a wide range of functions for equipment maintenance, calibration and inspection, in line with organizational performance objectives and ISO standards.

Metrologists and equipment maintenance managers can use this module to identify maintenance tasks, plan their execution, assign them to staff members and communicate the necessary information. Work orders and assignments are available in a management dashboard, making it easy to access information in real time, track tasks and meet scheduled deadlines.

Non-standard calibrations are routed directly to the Non-conformities module, ensuring integrated and efficient handling of information, cause analysis, corrective action and costs.


IsoVision’s Equipment Maintenance module simplifies the planning, assignment and tracking of equipment maintenance and calibration tasks, while ensuring compliance with quality, environmental and health & safety standards.

This module is perfectly synchronized with most ERP and MRP systems, and its integration with other IsoVision modules makes it a powerful, user-friendly tool. Whether for identifying risks, verifying skills, managing external service providers, documenting procedures, accessing instruction or training videos, or managing non-conformities arising from non-compliant calibrations, all functionalities are integrated and available in real time.

List of features:

  • Equipment inventory and identification
  • Equipment status and location
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration management
  • Ability to manage certification levels
  • Schedule of upcoming and overdue maintenance and calibration activities
  • Measurement scales, tolerances and sets of standards
  • Automatic reminders with escalation in case of delay
  • Handling of recalls, repairs, deviations, withdrawals, quarantines and non-conformances for defective equipment
  • R&R and equipment accuracy analysis
  • Statistical analysis of equipment accuracy
  • Bar code support and scan management
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules for significant added functionality, including management of non-conforming calibration results


  • Structure maintenance and calibration processes
  • Eliminates oversights, delays and deadlines
  • Reduces the risk of using faulty equipment
  • Allows detection of unstable measuring equipment before it’s too late
  • Reduces non-conformities and costs
  • Reduces costs associated with searching for information or using out-of-date information
  • Customize screens according to your processes and terminology
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules, enabling additional functionalities to be added
  • Integration with other existing software (ERP, MRP, HR, etc.)
  • Elimination of silos created by the use of Word and Excel files that are not interconnected with other systems
  • Sending automatic e-mails and reminders encourages communication and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Real-time tracking via dashboard
  • Ensures compliance with standards
  • Reports and performance indicators
  • “Unlimited number of users” license type
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