Environmental Non-Conformities

Integrated management of non-conformities, cause analysis and actions


The Non-conformities module allows the complete management of all non-conformities and improvement opportunities in organizations. The management and elimination of non-conformities is at the very heart of this module, hence its integration with the other IsoVision modules.

The Non-Conformities module allows you to manage complaints, incidents, accidents, improvement opportunities, information requests, waiver requests, non-conforming products and services, cause analyses, costs and corrective and preventive actions in a perspective of continuous improvement.


Whether you are ISO 1400, FSC certified or none of the above, the module offers structured forms for integrated management of facts, causes and action plans. The forms are also customizable, which allows to adapt the terminology specific to one’s organization, thus promoting data appropriation by those who must interpret it and participate in the corrective measures to be taken. All non-conformities and actions are made available in the dashboard in a real time view and with an obligation to take action.

List of features :

  • Notifications, information requests, waiver requests, accidents, non-conformities, complaints, improvement opportunities, corrective and preventive actions, cause analysis, costs, medical follow-ups, temporary assignments
  • Integration with your other software (ERP, MRP, CRM, HR…)
  • Structured and customizable forms
  • Unlimited number of forms and users
  • Notifications (complaint, nc, opportunity, danger…) on phones and tablets
  • Information sharing (non-conformities, accidents, customer complaints, in progress and overdue corrective and preventive actions) to all concerned people via email alerts and the dashboard
  • Real-time tracking in the dashboard
  • Supervision of tasks assigned to employees
  • Complete reports, performance indicators
  • Automatic reminders, escalations in case of delays


  • Elimination of silos created by Word and Excel files
  • Allows employees and managers to share the burden of identifying environmental risks
  • Traceability on all transactions
  • No duplication, everything is in sync with existing software (ERP, MRP, CRM)
  • Possibility to use the same terminology as in your ERP
  • Integrated management of information related to the non-conformity, the improvement opportunity and the associated actions
  • Integration with other IsoVision modules
  • Real-time view on non-conformities, opportunities and associated actions
  • Gather strategic information easily to make informed decisions, eliminate problems at the source and reduce non-quality costs
  • Cost reduction associated with researching information on an event, its origin, causes and follow-up actions
  • Customers and suppliers can notify opportunities, complaints, non-conformities and request for information or waiver
  • Risk reduction related to late or forgotten actions (e.g.: customer complaint)
  • Structured, customizable, multi-sites, multi-standards
  • Automatic reminders, escalations in case delays 
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