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The Dashboard module is the main entry point to quickly and easily access one’s “To Do”, to ensure efficient follow-ups on all the information contained in IsoVision and to ensure an efficient supervision of the employees’ performance. This is why it is fully integrated with all IsoVision’s modules.

Offering a visual, graphic and real time overview, the Dashboard allows, amongst other things, to follow and update information related to projects, current tasks, non-conformities, customer complaints, incidents, improvement opportunities, requests for information and waivers, skills to be updated, upcoming training and the follow-up of corrective actions. With a real-time view of all current and overdue deadlines, the Dashboard is also an effective supervision tool to ensure quick management of delays and thus, promote a constraint on results in organizations.


The Dashboard can be customized for each employee, with more or less information available to view. It is very easy to set up and use. You can also add performance indicators to follow. It allows each individual to consult his tasks and update the status and follow-up of an action in a project or of a current task.

List of features:

  • Unique entry point to access your ‘’To Do’’
  • Offers a summary, visual and graphic view
  • Displays information from the different IsoVision modules provenance des différents modules IsoVision
  • Filters « My actions», « Actions of my employees », « All actions ».
  • Quick identification of delays with the ‘’Display only actions that are overdue’’
  • Drilling to access the ‘’Drill Down’’ detail
  • Display of graphics and results in real time
  • Create graphics and share with others
  • Customizable by user without programming
  • View in multi-sites and multi-standards


  • Easy and visual entry point for employees and managers
  • Quick access to our tasks, the tasks of employees under our supervision, the tasks of all employees and for all sites
  • Eliminate silos created by Word and Excel software
  • Close monitoring of tasks and respect of set deadlines
  • Easier consultation of information in real time
  • Easier follow-up of actions between all levels of the organization’s structure
  • Accelerate information transfer and automate the communication of tasks
  • Reduced effort to share results
  • Eliminate oversights and delays
  • Real-time information across all sites in the organization
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