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IsoVision’s Dashboard is designed to be the main entry point for users to quickly and easily access their To Do list and track all the information contained in the system. It also enables effective supervision of employee performance, across all sites of an organization.

The Dashboard module is integrated with all other IsoVision EHSQ modules. By providing a synthetic, visual, graphic and real-time view, the Dashboard enables users to monitor and update various information essential to their responsibilities, to stay informed and to take rapid action to resolve problems and improve the organization’s overall performance.


The Dashboard can be customized for each employee, with more or less information available to view. It is very easy to set up and use. You can also add performance indicators to follow. It allows each individual to consult his tasks and update the status and follow-up of an action in a project or of a current task.

List of features:

  • Single point of entry to your “To Do”
  • Visual and graphic overview
  • Display of information from the various IsoVision modules
  • “My actions”, “My employees’ actions”, “All actions” filters
  • Quick identification of delays thanks to the “Show delays only” filter
  • Drill down to access specific details
  • Full details of non-conformities for quality issues, accidents, complaints and opportunities for improvement
  • Real-time view of the progress of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Requests for action and automatic reminders
  • Display and share graphs and results in real time
  • Customizable by user without programming
  • Multi-site and multi-standard view


  • Easy and visual entry point for employees and managers
  • Quick access to our tasks, the tasks of employees under our supervision, the tasks of all employees and for all sites
  • Eliminate silos created by Word and Excel software
  • Close monitoring of tasks and respect of set deadlines
  • Easier consultation of information in real time
  • Easier follow-up of actions between all levels of the organization’s structure
  • Accelerate information transfer and automate the communication of tasks
  • Reduced effort to share results
  • Eliminate oversights and delays
  • Real-time information across all sites in the organization
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