Training and Competencies Module



It is through the Training & Competencies module that managers ensure that tasks are assigned to employees who have the training and skills required to perform them adequately.

Following the identification of requirements and skills that are missing or need to be renewed, it is also through this module that the required training is identified, planned and organized.

It also allows you to manage all types of requirements for employees or suppliers such as skills, training courses, certifications, licenses, diplomas, years of experience and others.

Structured organization of training

Close follow-up of missing and to be renewed skills among employees and suppliers

Ensures that people within the company have the skills to use the equipment


Simply manage the complete profile of employees with their assignments, positions held, skills, training received, dates of entry (starting dates), with their training schedule and achievement of objectives.

Enter attendance, results and costs (1% law) according to training categories, number of hours, amounts invested vs. employees’ salaries.

Find in one place the job descriptions and the skills that are attached.

Develop competency plans with timelines for completion (path).

Consult, via the dashboard and reports, the follow-up of competencies and trainings.

List of features:

  • Quick and structured set-up of face-to-face training
  • Positions Matrix
  • Skills matrix
  • Quick identification missing and to be renewed skills
  • Complete and customized reports
  • Able to replace
  • Employee development plan in the company


Managers can finally take advantage of a simple inventory that can be consulted at any time on the actual state of knowledge and skills of all employees and plan accordingly in an orderly rather than diffuse manner.

The competency path offered by our Training and Competencies module is a valuable tool to promote the career advancement of a high-performing employee within the company and thus, value job retention.

Quick identification of missing and to be renewed skills

Ensures that the company’s know-how is maintained and kept up to date

Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations

Allows to quickly structure the training management systems and ensure their maintenance over time

Skills acquisition path

Modern tool for staff retention

Obtain a presentation