E-learning Module



The “Online training” module allows for the distribution, follow-up and evaluation of the results online.

Registrations, follow-ups and results are done directly online.

The updating of skills is done automatically, as well as the calculation of hours and costs and the transmission of results to the managers in charge.

Tracking training and obtaining results online is thus promoting the regular acquisition of knowledge and skills, allowing the company’s personnel to remain up-to-date and more productive.

Productivity losses are reduced and employees are stimulated by new learning that is easily and quickly accessible. The company is thus complying with its commitments under law 90 (1% of payroll in workforce training) aimed at improving employee’s skills.

With the “E-Learning” module, employees and suppliers will be able to renew their training, skills and certifications on their own.

Structured organization with online training

Skills acquisition path

Democratization of training within organizations


With all the classic features of an e-learning system, you will be able to reuse your existing material, as is, without rewriting or converting (supports for all types and formats of training documents/files) and create online exams with multiple choices, open or closed books and with or without random questions

You also have the option to use the module to measure a person’s knowledge or to validate their understanding following a change in a document or following traditional in-class or field training

You can rely on our system for employees and suppliers to renew their training, skills and certifications on their own.

List of features:

  • Quick and structured set-up of online training courses
  • Training catalog available to employees
  • Self-registration and self-training window
  • Update of missing or to be renewed skills
  • Customize and complete reports


  • Simplifies training logistics (class, instructor, data compilation, etc.).
  • Saves time and money in delivering training.
  • Allows for employee’s downtime to be used for training.
  • Standardizes training into a single system for all sites and departments.
  • Supports all types and formats of electronic files.
  • Can be used to train your subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Eliminates oversights and delays with automatic reminders.
  • Allows you to measure an employee’s knowledge and validate his understanding following any change.
Keep the skills up to date
Facilitates updating of training content
Flexibility in the dissemination and the follow-up of training
Full traceability

Modern tool promoting staff retention

Significant savings on travel costs and optimizes training vs. work time

Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations
Obtain a presentation