Document Management Module

The company’s corporate memory

For : General management – human resources – employees – suppliers – customers.

Objectives : operational excellence, quality and continuous improvement, environment and sustainable development, health and safety, risk prevention.


The “Document Management” module allows you to classify and search your documents in an instinctive and intuitive way, while automating the document review and approval process.

It manages all types of documents and controls the access so that users can only consult up-to-date versions.  Version management, full-text search, history, traceability and archiving are also part of the module’s features.

It is the ideal tool to ensure that only the right information is available, to notify people of any changes, while keeping a complete traceability for control and reference purposes.

The right information to the right person in real time

Documentary vault to regroup and control the company’s know-how

Make up-to-date and controlled documents and forms available quickly and from anywhere

Structured versioning follow-up and document history management


With all the classic features of a document management system, you can integrate, edit/review, issue, approve, archive and many other functions…

Benefit from its quick document search area with consultation history, automated archiving of old copies and its accessibility through viewing that can be done on a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

Integrate it to your current systems whether it is your production system, your HR system, your maintenance system or any others and consult your documentation directly without going through IsoVision while keeping control.

With an unlimited number of users, take advantage of password-controlled access (with the possibility to activate the multi-factor authentication) for your customers and suppliers. Its ergonomic navigation eases the access documents and forms.

List of features:

  • Versioning: Archiving, History, Traceability
  • Workflow
  • Forms
  • Full text search
  • Navigation through process diagrams
  • QR code navigation
  • Link with other modules
  • Time stamping
  • Prevents accidental use of outdated (or unapproved) versions
  • Support for all types of approval
  • Import of existing documents as is (without re-editing or conversion)
  • Dynamic document shortcuts
  • Allows the deployment of document templates
  • Manages review deadlines
  • Compliance


  • Eliminate the risk of consulting obsolete documents and automatically inform your employees of any changes. The paperless objective is now possible in all departments of the company.
  • Simplified document search. With a few clicks or keywords, the list of documents (by relevance) is displayed.
  • Ensures that document changes are read, understood and, if necessary, a cycle can be initiated to update the training and skills of the people involved.
  • Full traceability, all required information on the history and life of the document.
  • Save time due to the automation of the processes (usually laborious with paper management) of modification, approval, distribution and archiving.
  • The ‘’Unlimited number of user’’ license allows you to distribute documents and their updates to your supplier
Direct link between updating a document and its related skills

Easy and guaranteed access to up-to-date documents and forms

Interconnection with any software (ERP, CRM, business applications, etc.) using API (Web Services)

Obtain a presentation