Training and skills of your employees and suppliers

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IsoVision is a training and skills management software.

IsoVision meets standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000 and other standards in quality, environment, health and safety, sustainable development or other.

IsoVision is a management system used to manage employees and suppliers profiles (ref. skills matrix).

IsoVision is the solution to ensures that training, skills and qualifications of your employees and your suppliers are always compliant at all times.

Easy implementation of Skills Management

The Training & Competences module allows fast skill implementation and to quickly identify missing or to be renewed skills per individual or workstation. It can also manage all elements related to the organization, maintenance and monitoring of training of employees and suppliers to perform various tests of performance (efficiency, costs, etc.).

Quickly identify missing skills by position and employee

Training & Competences module manages both the skills and competencies by position and per employee. The Module is used to list employee’s qualifications, to create individual skills profiles, individual training plans and to identify missing and to be renewed skills by employee or by stations.


It also helps to plan everything related to training activities such as: syllabus, registrations, attendance, results, updated competency profiles, competency certificates, costs, performance analysis. The Training & Competences Module is integrated with other IsoVision modules such as: Risk Analysis, Planning, E-Learning, Equipment Maintenance, Supplier Management, Document Management, Audits & Inspections, Monitoring & Measurement, Nonconformances, Dashboard and Performance Review.

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