Zero Effort IT


Since 2001, we have been striving to minimize the efforts required by the IT department at our customers:

  • Installation, update and maintenance, training, technical support, user support, research and development entirely provided by IsoVision

  • Does not require special knowledge of IsoVision or other products used by IsoVision from your IT staff

  • Possibility of hosting on our servers (Cloud mode available) to further reduce your efforts

  • Management of users and rights built into the software and managed by system drivers

  • Possibility of integration with Active Directory

  • No programming or computer development

  • All screens and reports are customizable by system drivers without programming thanks to the customization tool built into the software

  • Configuration and customization in a few hours

  • Easy and quick to learn and start with the system drivers

  • Unlimited phone support to help and accompany you

  • Expert advisor assigned to your file to help you from beginning to end

  • Available services of massive import of your information

  • Several "APIs" and "web services" available to integrate IsoVision into your already existing systems and make them "talk" to each other

  • Compatibility with technological developments provided by IsoVision

  • NO WORRY Solution, mature, robust, reliable, recognized and proven (+15 years / +300 clients)


"The I.T. people love IsoVision because the system requires very little effort from them."

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