Synchro HR

Integration with your ERP, HR and payroll systems


The IsoVision Synchro HR module allows to automate the import, creation and updating of employees, customers and suppliers records into IsoVision, from any another systems in your organization.

IsoVision Synchro HR module allows you to eliminate the creation and updating of employees, customers and suppliers records in IsoVision.

For those who use the "IsoVision Training & Competences" module, it is possible to transfer and maintain the hourly rates for employees with HR Synchro module, for complete costs calculation in training and to produce reports effortlessly.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Accelerates the implementation of IsoVision by eliminating manual data entry of all employees, customers and suppliers within the system.
  • Eliminates double entry and transcription errors.
  • Eliminates delays and oversights when creating and updating employees, customers and suppliers records.
  • Simplifies and automates processes.
  • Prevents that requirements or activities required for new employees, customers and suppliers are forgotten or delayed.
  • Ensures that employees and suppliers are in order and on time, and reduces risk and potential consequences.
  • Increases system reliability and ensures better change control.
  • Saves time and increases the quality of information in the preparation of reports on training costs (with the use of the Training & Competences IsoVision module).

Operating and technical details

Synchro HR module is a program installed on a server that users do not see and do not use. Everything is fully automated. Synchro HR module set up requires the cooperation and participation of the IT department at the beginning of the project. The task of the IT department is to export files in .CSV format, all (or just the changes) employees, customers and suppliers records, according to a specific frequency (eg every 5 minutes once a day, etc.).

The initial involvement of the IT department is therefore to develop facilities for .CSV files to be created automatically, at the specified frequency, and following a structure established by IsoVision, obviously with the help and support of IsoVision. Then the Synchro HR module will play back and analyze .CSV files at the specified frequency, it will detect changes, and will automatically make these changes into IsoVision database without any human intervention.

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