Objectives, targets and project management.


As planning software, Isovision offers companies a complete range of management tools, whether it is for the planning of management systems in quality, environment, and health and safety or as strategic business planning software: objectives, goals, resources, timetables.

The Planning module allows you to plan, implement and follow-up objectives and all action plans and company projects.

Objectives (and action plans) can be created as a tool for managing risks (significant aspects) of management systems in environment, quality or health and safety; or to implement continuous improvement initiatives and programs.

The Planning module offers tools for the creation and comprehensive management of objectives, targets, standards and action plans (also called management projects or programs). The various communication programs (production of reports: corporate, authorities, advertizing campaigns, etc.) and interested parties can also be managed in the Planning module. The management of priorities is performed through the Dashboard module and supported by alarms and automatic reminders sent by e-mail to ensure no task, deadline or event is forgotten.

IsoVision meets standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000 and other standards in quality, environment, health and safety, sustainable development or other.


Control over all types of Planning projects and activities

Whether it is for the management of environment, quality, health and safety, as well as strategic planning, IsoVision allows you to optimize the planning and use of company resources. The best practices in planning listed previously are also applied in the other Isovision modules.

In addition to the Planning Module, activities managed in Isovision include objectives (scope, description, tasks), resources (persons in charge, costs, equipment, etc.) and a timetable/schedule. The Planning module is integrated with other IsoVision modules such as: Dashboard, Non-conformance, Audits & Inspections, Document Management, Monitoring & Measurement, Training & Competences, E-Learning, Equipment Maintenance, Supplier Management, and Performance Review.

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