Reporting / Non-Quality / Complaints / Work Accidents / Near-Misses / Near Past / Corrective and Preventive Actions / Investigations / Case Analysis


Reduces risks and costs

  • Enables employees on the move, customers and suppliers to report a problem via the internet and the web portal to reduce response times and improve communications.
  • Facilitates and promotes employee participation in continual improvement and prevention.
  • Reduces the number of problems or unreported situations.
  • Ensures all situations and incidents are handled quickly.

Increases access and quality of information

  • Decentralize updating and consulting of information through a multi-user and multisite system.
  • Facilitates follow-ups.
  • Easily and quickly measures performance, identifies weaknesses to better target actions.
  • Shares and communicates results with those who need them with minimal effort.
  • Provides quality information, accurate, real-time, centralized and accessible at your fingertips.

Efficiency and productivity

  • Eliminates paper forms and spreadsheets and replaces them with electronic forms and a database.
  • Eliminates the transcription of information.
  • Simplifies and facilitates the process of reporting non-compliant situations and suggestions.
  • Eliminates delays and intermediaries.
  • Saves time and increases the time available for more added value tasks.
  • Eliminates oversights and delays thanks to automatic reminders and dashboards.

Security, compliance and trust

  • Facilitates the conservation and protection of past data and provides maximum traceability effortlessly.
  • Increases the trust of listeners, customers and partners.
  • Facilitates internal and external audits.


Management of all types of situations

  • Support for all types of situations, operational, quality, environment and health and safety in the workplace:
    • Operational problems (breakdowns, disruptions, etc.)
    • Quality issues (suppliers, during production, final inspection, after-sales service, etc.)
    • Requests for exemption
    • Requests for information
    • Complaints
    • Incidents and environmental spills
    • Work accidents
    • Standard exceedances
    • Offenses and requests for action by the authorities
    • Near misses and dangerous situations
    • Non-conforming situations following an audit, inspection, verification, calibration, etc.
    • Opportunities for improvement
  • Secure mobile reporting (intranet / internet / tablets / phones). See Web Portal module.
  • Ability to attach documents, files and URL links anywhere and anytime.

Process management

  • Support for all stages:
    • Reporting
    • Decision / classification
    • Investigation
    • Causes analysis
    • Immediate, corrective and preventive actions
    • Risk Review
    • Verification of effectiveness
    • Closing
    • Frequency and cost analysis
  • Automation of processes and communications through workflows.
  • Automatic reminders with escalations in case of delay.


  • Easy tracking thanks to dashboards.
  • Quick identification of delays thanks to dashboards.

Measure, disseminate and share results

  • Statistical analysis tools (Pareto and histogram).
  • Dissemination and sharing of graphs for real-time monitoring on managers' dashboards.
  • Numerous reports and performance indicators available.

Archiving / Preservation / Traceability

  • Archiving and protection of inactive information.

Other features

  • Flexible and fully customizable.
  • Multiuser, multisite and multi-standard.
  • Meets the requirements of standards such as ISO, AS, IATF, OHSAS, FSC, SFI, HACCP, CSA, BNQ and other similar standards.
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