Monitoring & Measurement

Quality Control, Environmental Discharges and Emissions, HS Industrial Hygiene, Laboratory Results, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


The Monitoring & Measurement module allows you to measure and record all types of measurement results (quality, environment and health & safety specifications of raw materials and finished products, inspection and testing of in progress or finished products, environmental compliance (concentration, load, etc.), industrial hygiene data (noise, dust, humidity, etc.), laboratory results, productivity/quality level/speed, equipment shutdowns, overall rate of return (ORR).

The module also makes it possible to analyze results in real time according to targets and legal requirements, automatically create a nonconformance and send alerts and emails in case of overruns. It also lets you analyze various trends and provide quality information on business performance as part of continuous improvement projects.

Although ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 standards are known today as tools for continuous improvement, the concept of control is a key element in the implementation of an efficient and effective quality (QMS), environment (EMS) and health & safety (H&S) management system. If monitoring and measurement are explicitly associated with quality control in the case of a product, environmental aspects and significant risks to health & safety, the fact remains that all continuous improvement systems must themselves be monitored and measured. As a software tool for monitoring and measurement, Isovision makes it possible to manage conformity (legal) and all the requirements of an ISO management system.

Create activities and determine parameters (quantitative and qualitative) to be measured. Build formulas like in spreadsheets by including constants and system variables. Lets you measure and record all types of measurement results (production rate, quality rate, overall rate of return (ORR), Six Sigma control plan, laboratory data, performance indicators, industrial waste, industrial hygiene parameters, etc.). Interface with other data collection systems to eliminate manual entry


Compare the results to targets, limits, specifications, legal requirements (regulatory)

Compare the results to targets, limits, specifications, legal requirements (regulatory) and take action if exceeded: send alerts and emails and automatically create Non-conformance.

Monitor and analyze results in real time on a graph displayed on the Dashboard and perform calculations and statistical analysis on the sample information collected. The Monitoring & Measurement module is integrated with other IsoVision modules such as: Non-conformance and Performance Review (among others) to offer a group of tools to manage the monitoring and performance measurement of the company at the same time as well as management systems.

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