Characteristics and strengths of IsoVision integrated system

Main characteristics

  • Complete and integrated system
  • Purchase by available module
  • Client-server version (Windows) and 100% Web version available
  • Installation on your servers ("On-premise") or hosting on our servers ("Cloud")

  • Multiuser
  • Multisite
  • Multistandard
  • Trilingual (French / English / Spanish)

  • Fully customizable (without programming) thanks to the software own customization tool

  • More than 100 reports available
  • More than 100 performance indicators available
  • Ability to create custom performance indicators (Monitoring and Measurement module)
  • Email PDF reports in just one click
  • Custom dashboards per user

  • Automation of a Workflow process
  • Automatic alerts and reminders with escalation

  • Web portal for exchanges with your customers, suppliers and other partners
  • Web portal for mobile applications

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) available
  • Integration with Active Directory available

  • Mature, robust, powerful and reliable solution (+15 years / +300 customers)

Easy and quick to set up and use

  • No programming or computer development
  • Configuration and customization in a few hours
  • Possibility of massive importation of your information
  • Easy and quick to get started
  • User-friendly and user-friendly software
  • Unlimited telephone support (english / french) to help and accompany you
  • Expert advisor assigned to you, to take care of you, beginning to end

Integration with your other systems in place

  • Several "APIs" and "web services" available to integrate IsoVision into your already existing systems and make them "talk" to each other
  • Access database via ODBC for your integration, retrieval, additional reporting and other needs
  • Development of "web services" and "API" tailored as needed

Adapts to you

  • Integrated software tool allowing to personalize your screens and reports according to your needs, your sector of activity and your terminology, without any programming
  • Possibility of developing additional customized reports

Promotes participation and accountability

  • Multiuser and multisite system
  • Complete and detailed control of user rights (security)
  • Custom dashboards by user
  • License per site with unlimited number of users

Peace of mind

  • Compliance at all times with new standards requirements
  • Continuous compatibility with technological evolutions
  • Integration of best business practices
  • Mature, robust, reliable, proven and proven solution (+15 years / +300 customers)

Zero I.T. Effort

  • Installation, updates and maintenance, training, technical support, user support, research and development entirely provided by IsoVision
  • Unlimited phone support