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Does IsoVision apply in my sector?

IsoVision is currently used in more than 15 different business sectors. In addition, before making any changes to the IsoVision software, we always guarantee to validate the proposed changes compared to a sufficiently broad and diversified pool of companies and experts in order to maintain its universality. The success of IsoVision rests greatly on this universality, therefore we cannot ignore it. It is our duty to preserve it so that the product continues to apply to your company while conveying the best business practices possible. Also, we organise annual focus groups among our clients concerning upgrades to the modules. Our clients are involved and have a real potential to influence the evolution of their IsoVision system.

Does any documentation come with the IsoVision system?

Yes. Online help is available on every workstation where Isovision is installed. It can be printed anywhere and at anytime.

Is the interface user friendly?

Yes. Recognized standards in user interface have been applied. Screens are simple, pleasing to the eye, easy to use and efficient. Navigation by tabs allows access to several pages of information in just a few clicks. All communications are routed through employees email and an attached link allows them to directly access the identified document or task concerned. In addition, users work mainly from their Dashboard, which facilitates greatly the navigation of the system.

Is it possible to control access to the different screens and reports in the software?

Yes. IsoVision contains an access management module which allows the software administrators to allow or refuse access to the available screens and reports. Access management is performed through the aid of groups, allowing for the rapid modification of access for several persons at the same time. In addition, the administrator himself controls the permitted operations (add, modify, delete, read only).

Is it possible to buy a single module or certain modules?

Yes. IsoVision is composed of several modules which can be bought separately or as a whole. However, purchasing all the modules will result in a substantial discount and will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of integration.

What are the computer limits of IsoVision?

The design and technology used in Isovision allows the treatment of large amounts of information without difficulty. There is no limit to the number of workstations or simultaneous users.

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