Equipment Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and Measurement Equipment Calibration


IsoVision is a management software for inspection, preventive maintenance and calibration of measuring equipment.

IsoVision meets standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000 and other standards in quality, environment, health and safety, sustainable development or other.

IsoVision is a tool that helps you so that maintenance, verifications and calibrations are always completed on time.

IsoVision is the solution which ensures that your measuring equipment will always be in compliance.

Preventive maintenance of your entire equipment inventory

The Equipment Maintenance module makes it possible to record and maintain the entire equipment inventory of a company. This module is used to plan, identify, communicate and assign maintenance, calibration and control tasks, with work orders and assignments in a Dashboard that facilitates follow-ups. It also allows you to quickly identify the location and status of equipment, maintain historical information and traceability and produce statistical information necessary for the analyses of Repeatability and Reproducibility (R & R).

Effective management of the calibration of measurement equipment

In our ISO 9001 quality software (QMS), the objective of the equipment maintenance system is to manage the control and preventive maintenance programs (creation of work orders, determining the frequency of activities, assignment of responsibility).

The Equipment Maintenance module supports the management of calibrations (management of measurement standards, activity history, storage conditions, certificates, establishment of measurement scales, establishment of tolerance levels, creation of sets of standards and calibration forms, input results and statistical analysis of measurement results).


It allows you to manage the frequency of activities according to the level of use or timeframe, certify and limit the use of equipment, manage equipment loans, identify and communicate late and upcoming activities, record a history of all events, manage recalls, repairs, waivers and quarantines, generate Non-conformance for equipment which exceeds established tolerances, generate upcoming activity schedules for equipment or an employee and produce various equipment reports such as specifications, history, status and location.

The Equipment Maintenance Module is integrated with other IsoVision modules such as: Risk Analysis, Planning, Training & Competences, E-Learning, Supplier Management, Document Management, Audits & Inspections, Monitoring & Measurement, Nonconformances, Dashboard and Performance Review.

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